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Guys (and even a few gals), are you stumped about what to get that special woman in your life? It’s not always about what you give, but the gesture behind it. Don’t give clothes as a gift. Unless she dragged you to the store one Saturday and showed you the exact color and size in the garment she desires, you are probably going to see a cringe when the gift is opened.

While getting flowers is always great on a random Tuesday, it’s not a good Christmas gift. Let me tell you that you can’t go wrong with jewelry.

I know. It’s scary picking out a piece that she will like. Is it her style? Plus there’s always the will it fit factor, especially with rings. And at this time of year, unless you are giving her a specific ring for a specific purpose, they are probably not a good idea.

Jewelry, even if it’s not a ring, has a deeper meaning when it’s given as a gift. When a woman wears a piece of jewelry and gets a compliment on it, she will almost always tell the complimenter where she got it with a big smile on her face.

Speaking of hidden meanings, I recently was introduced to a necklace with a “Wish Pendant.” Isn’t it interesting how wishes seem to have more weight at this time of year? I’ve always made wishes, but never really thought about making someone else’s wishes come true…

What better gift can you give to someone than having wishes come true? This Holiday Season, grant someone the “Wish Pendant” Necklace by Ice.com and help make their dreams for 2012 come true.

Shimmering white diamonds light up this gleaming sterling silver star pendant. The Wish Pendant is an affordable keepsake, at only $125, to wear all the time; one that keeps dreams, hopes and passions alive where ever you are, whenever you need it.

And of course because it’s that time of year (…for discounts!) here is an exclusive holiday offer courtesy of Ice.com. You can get $25 OFF at www.Ice.com/Real. Just use coupon code 1Real

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