Easter: A time for new beginnings

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So, other holidays seem to have a grateful theme to them. Easter seems like more of a time to be hopeful, a time to start over. OK, Easter has always been about candy for me. Those Cadbury mini-eggs and cream eggs are addictive! But, seriously, I know most of us have totally forgotten any New Year’s resolutions we made, the beginning of spring feels like a good time to renew, revamp or restart.

Of course, I’ll be restarting my life in Minnesota in a few weeks. I mean, there’s a Peeps store there! If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is…

Pun intended

Pun intended

I am very hopeful about my future. It’s time for me to take some risks in my career and stop selling myself short. One thing about getting older is that you gain confidence. Or maybe it’s just that you stop giving a shit about the stupid little things you used to worry about as a kid.

Either way, I’m going to revamp my professional self-image. If I change the way I think about my abilities and who I am in the workplace, I can become even more awesome than I am right now. What I really want is to look forward to work each day. It’s not that I dread my current job, but I want to feel passionate about my new job. I want to make lots of money. That probably goes without saying…

This Easter, I’ll try to find some time to quietly meditate on how I want my future to look…while stuffing my face full of chocolate and jelly beans.

2 thoughts on “Easter: A time for new beginnings

  1. Lisa Newlin

    YOU’RE GOING TO THE LAND OF PEEPS?! Is that like the Land of Nod from the storybooks? It probably is, as eating a pound of Peeps would send you to the Land of Nod, which in this case, would be a sugar-induced diabetic coma. But it would be awesome.

    Good for you for knowing you need to be more confident in yourself. You do, and it’s the perfect time to start, what with a new move and constant access to Peeps.

    I feel like I should finish this comment with an inspirational message, but all I can think about are Peeps.

    1. Amy Ruiz Post author

      Actually, I can’t stand Peeps. One bite and I’m out. Although, a Peep as part of a s’more might be a good thing. I think I just like the idea of Peeps.

      I had a hard time not thinking about Cadbury Mini Eggs while writing the post. I’m pretty sure there’s crack, heroin or some sort of narcotic in those things. I love them so!


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