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>I keep seeing people on the internet who are up in arms about Target and Walmart being open insanely early on Friday. The argument is that the stores are just being greedy and they should let their minimum wage-ish workers have the holiday off to celebrate with their friends and families.

Um, I notice they don’t say anything about the movie theaters being open on Thanksgiving. They are open all day. No one is starting a petition for those folks.

I can understand them being open on Christmas since some people don’t celebrate it, but Thanksgiving is an American holiday like Independence Day. There’s nothing religious about it…at least I’ve never been told to go to church on that 4th Thursday.

And what about gas stations? No one seems to be all up in arms for those people. I’m pretty sure they are open too.  They would probably rather be watching the Charlie Brown special like everyone else instead of sitting in a box breathing in fumes.

I’m just saying there are quite a few people in the service industry who don’t get big tips or triple overtime for working on a holiday, not just the folks who have to deal with doorbusters and tents on the sidewalks of their big box stores.

Personally, I think it would be nice if everyone could have the day off (Independence Day too), but that’s just not how our economy has evolved.

3 thoughts on “>Black Friday soapbox alert

  1. C

    >Last time I had to work Thanksgiving & Black Friday, I was smart & signed up for a short, mid-afternoon shift so I didn't get stuck working at 3am like all those suckers who tried to get the night off.
    And, when I worked at Old Navy, I made $10 hr, and OT on Holidays. Plus, they catered for us & gave us free shirts during EVERY sale.
    So, it was kind of more of a blessing than a burden.

  2. Susan

    >lol! did I mention last night how we go to the movies every Thanksgiving?? we used to also have a tradition of going to Tower after Christmas dinner. I remember when Thanksgiving meant a quiet empty theater….now it is packed and crazy. but I agree, I would not complain in the least if they were closed. in fact, I would always thank people for being their and tell them I was sorry.


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