Thankful: Relationships

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It still blows my mind that I am, in fact, part of a couple. I’m not really sure how to behave. It’s so great, but so unknown to me.

We actually made plans in the future. Not those kind of plans, travel plans. Part of me is afraid that Paul will disappear like all the males with whom I’ve ever interacted, so I’m afraid to look forward to anything. But, I try to brush that fear aside and enjoy the moment. All we have is the now, so why worry about a future I cannot control?

I am thankful that the universe brought us together.  Every time we interact, I realize just how great he really is.  Every text message makes me smile. No one can make me laugh as much as he does. He will do sweet, unexpected things, and we seem to be on the same wavelength a lot. It’s really unbelievable.

I can only hope that I bring him as much joy as he brings me.

1 thought on “Thankful: Relationships

  1. Paul

    I’m not sure how to behave here, either. Nor am I sure what the future will bring us. But I am enjoying the moment, and making you happy makes me happy. We’ll figure it out, someday… 🙂


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