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>You’ve got to question a guy whose occupation is a real estate broker and lists the following as things he is thankful for:

  • My life
  • My Salvation
  • My Blessings

He also states that Tony Robbins has been the most influential person in his life. I know I shouldn’t judge, but this is all I have to go on to decide if I am interested in getting to know this person.

I guess I have a problem with people who espouse their spirituality too much. I feel that religion and spirituality are personal and you shouldn’t feel the need to tell everyone, “Hey, I’m a Christian!” Good for you, Jack. Do you want a cookie or something? I mean unless you are a preacher or something, you need to shut up.

If I am in a church or convent, then you can talk to me all day about whatever religion you belong to, but otherwise, it’s just annoying and suspicious. It’s kind of like the people are trying to tell you how good they are when they really don’t feel that way about themselves.

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