>Online Dating Chronicles: Lists & Spreadsheets


Confession: I keep a list of the names of the guys I’ve gone out with on an actual date. It’s a simple list. I don’t have any comments about the dates or how they went…that’s what my blog is for…kidding! I keep it as a reminder. A name can trigger memories…most of the time. Also, I like to know how many dates I’ve been on…see what fruits my labor has created. It helps me get perspective. Whenever I feel like I’m a failure at dating, I look at the list and my mind changes.

And no, it’s not a list of guys I’ve slept with like Janeane Garofalo’s character in Reality Bites. That list is very short, not that it’s any of your business.

Last week, a few people shared with me this lovely spreadsheet some guy used to track his dates. Part of me is impressed by his skills at tracking a complex database, but part of me is freaked out by that. Honestly, though, I think I do that stuff in my head, but putting it down on paper sounds like a lot of effort.

If you do have the time and craziness to create this, my advice is not to share it with anyone! Granted, I think the gal who made it go viral was kind of a bitch to betray that guy’s trust, but I suppose that’s the risk we all take in dating. Trust gets betrayed on a regular basis.

What I do need to do is keep a list of previous dates phone numbers. If you do this, don’t keep this in your contacts where you will be tempted to contact them. Keep it separate. Put it in the notepad or even on a physical piece of paper. The list is only to be used when you get that random text message on a Sunday morning that says, “Happy easter” in order to figure out who the hell is contacting you.

1 thought on “>Online Dating Chronicles: Lists & Spreadsheets

  1. Susan

    >what an AWESOME idea! I wish I knew what Excel was when I was dating! oh, heck, who am I kidding? I don't think it existed. but I would SO have done the same thing!


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