>Beating the winter blues

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>I’m not much of a summer person, but right about now is when I start hating winter.  The lack of sunshine, the cold weather, and of course my current dating situation of constant rejection makes for long dreary days.  Of course, wallowing in self-pity for days on end isn’t healthy.  What do I do?  I get up off the couch and clean the house.  It warms me up, tricks me into doing some exercise and gets whatever positive hormones I need to lift my mood going.  On those rare occasions that the house is clean and organized, I turn to baking.  Filling my gut with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies is another mood enhancer.  I can still smell their buttery goodness wafting through the house now.

When I’m really down, I turn to music.  Plug in the earbuds, find some Kenny Loggins and start dancing around the house like a fool.  Yes, the music is cheesy, but it has a good beat and I can dance to it.  Plus, it’s alot cheaper than booze or Prozac.

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