>This cold has snapped long enough

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>Yes, I can hear the groans of the Northerners and East Coasters now.  A silly California gal is complaining that it’s 30 degrees outside.  Sorry, but I chose not to live in your frozen tundras.  Granted, I’m not a fan of our 100 degree mercury buster days either.  But that’s a complaint that will happen in another 6 months. 

What I want to know is how the hell do people in really cold climates stay warm?  Do you drink heavily?  Wear 4 layers of clothes?  Have outrageous heating bills?  I need some tips here, people!

Why is it so freaking cold in Sacramento?  I know there’s some climatological reason that has to do with the rivers or tule fog or Arctic blasts, but I guess I should just be glad it’s not raining right now.

To sum up my complaints: I’m tired of my hands and feet being cold.  I’m tired of the hazy shades of winter.  I want the sunshine back.  I want the late sunsets.  I want to be able to walk outside in the middle of the day without needing a coat.  I want to stop shivering.

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