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Half of the fun of a trip is getting there, right? Well this time next month, I will be getting ready to drive half way across these United States to my new home in Minnesota. And while that in and of itself will be an adventure, I do like to look at the randomness this country has to offer along side it’s beauty.

So, I Googled “sightseeing along I-80” and found this website:

Bring me the head of Abraham Lincoln! In Wyoming, there is a giant head of Abraham Lincoln carved out of bronze. Wait do you carve bronze or just cast it? Either way, I want to see it.

I mean we are going to be in the car for like 4 days. It would be nice to break it up a bit and see the Strategic Air and Space Museum. What else is there to see in Nebraska that isn’t too far off the beaten path? The world’s largest covered wagon? OK!

While looking at that website, it seems to me that Iowa has quite a few quirky sites to see. The Golden Spike monument which seems a bit phallic. Squirrel Cage Jail? It’s the largest revolving jail in the U.S. that no longer revolves. What? Oh hello, smiley water tower!

I have been told that the most boring parts of my trip will be through Nevada and Nebraska. I’ve done the Nevada trip. It is boring. The most exciting part is looking for the initials of towns carved into mountainsides. Why do they do that? I suppose I could google it.

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