Twitter Parties: A party you just might enjoy

Twitter-Parties-Non-ChronI have expounded the good traits of Twitter on this blog many times.  It really is a great way to meet people in real life…to wit: I met my husband through the Twitter.

But, if you’re not looking for a relationship of that type, Twitter is still a great way to make some friends, worldwide or even in your hometown.

One of the ways to find folks is through Twitter parties. These are basically people following a hashtag and/or user to chat about stuff. Why would you do this?  I’m so glad you asked:

Why Twitter Parties are Great & Tips for Great Twitter Parties

  1. Introverts become extraverts. Seriously, you can overcome your shyness through Twitter parties.  You don’t have to interact with people face to face. You’re just chatting on a computer.  There’s no pressure to look a certain way or even carry yourself a certain way.  Don’t however, confuse you’re and your though…
  2. Tweet Deck.  Don’t try to follow Twitter parties using the web version of Twitter. You will get lost.  Use Tweet Deck or TweetChat to follow along with the conversations as well as any mentions/interactions with your Twitter handle.
  3. Food and drink. You’re home, right?  You can eat and drink whatever you want.  The service won’t be slow and you don’t have to worry about getting home from the party if you’ve had to much to drink!
  4. Hilarity & fun.  Some of the funniest people are on the Twitter. Granted, not everyone on Twitter parties are funny or even interesting, but that’s sort of like a party in real life. It’s easier to sort through the boring and find the funny during Twitter parties and no one’s feelings get hurt.
  5. Prizes. Not all Twitter parties are sponsored, some are just people getting together and chatting…networking if you will. Some Twitter parties are sponsored by various brands and PR companies.  All you have to do is RSVP and tweet during the designated time using the designated hashtags to be entered.  Some of the prizes are pretty sweet. I’ve won gas gift cards, beauty products, and Amazon gift cards.

Where to find Twitter parties?

If you are looking for the sponsored kind of Twitter parties, this link on the Mommy Blog Expert blog is updated pretty regularly and lists the prizes available.

If you are looking for various Twitter parties on various topics, I have yet to find a completely reliable way to find them.  I found this site with a few resources, but when I tested out a few of chats, they were old.  Of course, you can always google the topic you’re looking for and include the phrase “twitter chat” or “twitter parties” to see what comes up.

Watch those you follow too.  They might be involved in twitter parties that would interest you. It’s OK to read through their feed to see what they are up to, I mean they are putting it out there for the world to read.

Personally, I think Twitter parties might be better than real life parties. What do you think?

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