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>One of our tenants walked into the ladies room (in the building next to mine). She saw some strange toy sitting on the floor. She thought it was a kid’s toy, until she looked at it more closely. It was not a toy for children. She gasps and looks over and sees someone in the wheelchair stall. She realizes the feet are not female.

She runs out and tells one of the service tech guys, George. He goes in there under the guise of having to clean the restroom. He sees the feet too. He freaks out and leaves because at first he thought they belonged to a woman. As he is standing outside the restroom thinking over the situation, the property manager, Dora, arrives. George tells Dora what the tenant told him and what he saw. He didn’t see the “toy”, but he did see the guy in the ladies room.

The creepy guy comes sauntering out of the ladies room and Dora starts ripping into him. He claims he was on the phone and didn’t realize that he went into the ladies room. He was totally shifty. Dora saw the “toy” in sticking out of his coat pocket and told him if he was spotted in the vicinity of the buildings again she would call the cops.

So, now I’m all freaked out about going to the bathroom at my office. I have to check the stalls to make sure no creeps are hiding out.

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