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>Here’s a story from my old office:

Biff was showing an office space in a low-rise that hadn’t been leased in quite a while. He went over to the suite before the tour and did a quick run through to open up the blinds, etc.

The client shows up and Biff starts yakking about how great the space is…blah blah blah. He shows the clients the reception area, a front office and then lets them wander around with their broker.

Biff is standing there chatting to one of the clients when they hear a scream. One of the clients comes running down the hallway. She can barely speak and is pointing to the office she just came out of…”They…they…are in the doing the…UNSPEAKABLE.”

Biff quickly ushers the clients out of the space, apologizes for the situation, and rushes off to find security. By the time they came back, the couple had fled the scene.

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