>Yes, I am a slacker

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>I’ve been neglecting my blog. Mostly because I have been too busy to sit at my computer when I’m home, but also because I really don’t have much to say. In fact, I cringe as I write these sentences, but they seem like they need to be said for my ego’s sake.

It’s not like I’ve been watching network television. I’m pretty sure there will never be any decent shows on any more.

I have been watching HGTV too much again and now I can’t stop rearranging the furniture in my house. I’m addicted to design and home improvement shows! I suppose that’s better than being addicted to QVC and buying clothes from the Quacker Factory. Should I ever buy clothes from Jean Bice, my sister better get me to a therapist quick because I’ll need some serious head shrinking.

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  1. ajooja

    >I’m with you on the lack of blogging. I feel the same way.

    We watch HGTV all the time too, and my wife is driving me nuts by wanting to rearranging the stupid furniture. It only works one way so it really pisses me off. I blame HGTV. 🙂


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