>Was it just an illusion?

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>The day that the college bowl games were announced I was over at a friend’s house watching ESPN. They listed the contenders at each bowl game and I swear I thought I saw the words “Cialis Sun Bowl”. I remember sitting there going, “Did I read that correctly? Are they having an Erectile Dysfunction Bowl?” I sat there waiting for the graphic to come on the screen again and there it was Cialis Sun Bowl. I couldn’t believe it. At first I thought maybe that Cialis is the name of an allergy drug, but then I remembered that annoying commercial talking about one of the side effects being a 4 hour erection.

I laughed about the Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence Bowl for the past month or so anytime someone mentioned the BCS. Then today, I was looking at ESPN’s website to see when the ED bowl was on and I don’t see it listed. I see the “Vitalis Sun Bowl” instead. Now, either I lost my mind for a moment while watching TV and thought Cialis was Vitalis or someone made a mistake when they typed in the name on the graphic.

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