>’Technical virginity’ becomes part of teens’ equation – Yahoo! News

>I don’t give a shit what these idiot teenagers say, oral sex is sex. If you caught your significant other doing it to someone other than you, it would piss you off. If you saw your parents doing it, it would freak you out.

“Sex occurs when one person touches another person’s genitals and causes that person to get sexually excited,” the book states. “A girl or boy who’s had oral sex doesn’t feel or think like a virgin anymore, because he or she has had a form of sex.”

Ok, that statement from the article is just stupid. But, personally, it’s been so damn long since I’ve had sex of any kind that I feel like a virgin again.

2 thoughts on “>’Technical virginity’ becomes part of teens’ equation – Yahoo! News

  1. Horny Old Guy

    >I wonder if they are really that dumb (thinking oral sex is not sex). It’s pretty sad if they are! Maybe they just know that there is NO chance of pregnancy with oral and less chance of STDs. Less of both (pregnancies and STDs) is a good thing for our society I think. If I had kids I would be pleased if all they were doing was mutual masturbation and oral sex…but would be hoping they would be doing those acts responsibly…in other words I wouldn’t want my daughter to be blowing every kid in her class!

    One amusing thing about this controversy is the Republican right wingers are trying to blame this on Clinton! Yeah I am sure today’s teens are thinking about old Bubba as those panties and shorts are coming off! LOL


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