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>Has anyone else heard about this? The woman in line in front of me was buying some cold medicine and they carded her. Just looking at her, I knew she wasn’t a teenager. They made her tell them her birth date. I caught the year and she was born in 1977. Why would there be an age restriction on cold medicine? Are that many kids abusing Nyquil? Now that Sudafed is a forbidden fruit, I’m sure they’ll want to taste it, even if they never thought about it before. It’s ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “>Target Checkout

  1. Un-Named

    >i guess you haven’t been introduced to the new weight loss senstation that is crystal meth!

    its nuts that one box of cold medicine sends up the red flags. now if someone is unloading a shelf, then there may be a problem.

  2. Notsocranky Yankee

    >I had not heard of this. Maybe I look too frigin’ old to be carded because I’ve checked out an armload of cold medicine when my family was sick!


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