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>I hate the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame. It’s just another reason to get riled up about stupid shit. For example, how is that U2 gets into the hall of fame BEFORE Van Halen? The quintessential arena rock band is snubbed. Sheesh. What’s next? Coldplay? I’m sure Madonna won’t be nominated when she is eligible. I’m sorry, but I don’t like Elvis Costello. I know, EVERYONE claims to love his music, but give me a break. He just doesn’t do it for me. He’s kind of like a heavy Maroon 5 without the commercial push.

On a different note:
I just finished watching the Emmy’s. Look for my fashion rant tomorrow followed by some photos of my trip to Lake Tahoe from this weekend.

5 thoughts on “>Rock Hall Snubs 1980 – Yahoo! News

  1. n00nz

    >Costello sucks. I don’t think i’ve ever heard such an over rated musician. I think they just give credit to people who have been in the industry long enough.


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