>No more room in my brain.

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>I figure if I don’t know it by now, I’m not going to learn it before tomorrow morning. Here’s hoping that I’ve studied enough over the past month to pass the real estate exam. My brain feels like pudding. Chocolate pudding, if you were wondering…$240 worth of pudding…aw yeah!

How sad… I can remember some random lines from a quasi-obscure sketch comedy that was on MTV 10+ years ago, but I have trouble remember when the hell a quit claim deed is used, how many square feet are in an acre, or which way range lines run.

4 thoughts on “>No more room in my brain.

  1. karla

    >Oh my God, I love you! Not because you’re such a dedicated student–but because you can quote Barry and Levon!

    I’m totally leaving my husband for you. What does it say on the back of this box of pudding? “Cook and chill.” And baby, that’s what I do every night–I cook, and then I chill.

  2. BeerPup

    >”With all due respect, you’re just wrong about the beards.”

    All those sketches are available on YouTube.


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