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This was in my mail this afternoon. Apparently, due to my Spanish surname the US Postal Service assumes I speak Spanish.

Zoom in on this one and you will see that the Spanish comes before the English. Do people assume that a person whose last name is Schwarz speaks German as their first language? Aside from the obvious racist overtones in assuming that one of Spanish heritage speaks Spanish as their first language, what the hell is Spanish doing on a government document? I know it’s not very liberal of me, but I think if you live in this country, you should speak English.

3 thoughts on “>Mail Call

  1. Nick

    >I was in Pancho’s Mexican Buffet yesterday and me and my girlfriend marveled at a group of spanish men sitting at the next table speaking English.

  2. Notsocranky Yankee

    >We get the same kind of mail. Our last name is a Portugese name that is also a common hispanic name. I just laugh and say to myself, “It’s their loss they send advertising to us in a language we don’t speak.”


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