>Finger Chili Update #5784

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>The plot thickens!

The characters in this story are great. Now we have this woman who for some reason had a leopard at her house in Nevada. Said leopard bit off her finger and she thought it ended up in the chili in San Jose, California. I think the leopard ate it, but that’s just my theory.

This is the best quote, “San Jose police said the finger found in the chili had a well-manicured nail.”

LOL! How long until this becomes a TV movie of the week?

2 thoughts on “>Finger Chili Update #5784

  1. indygirl

    >I think the woman with the leopard ran an animal shelter. After the leopard bit it off, the rescue workers gave it back to her. Now she can’t find it (uh, when do fingers start to rot anyway?) and she thinks somehow her finger got into the wrong hands (heh) and used for a fake lawsuit. Whew, that was a mouthful. This will make one hell of a Lifetime Original.


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