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>I saw a clip of this show the other day and it looks really good. Basically, it’s Chris Rock’s life at 13. Kind of like Wonder Years circa 1982. I enjoyed the Stevie Wonder sound track, Chris Rock’s narration, and the kid who played young Chris. His facial expressions were classic.

Not only does this show touch on social issues such as racism, but there are familiar relatable life moments such as being the new kid in school, facing bullies, and first love. If you are a fan of Chris Rock’s stand up, you will notice a few of his bits here and there. The bit about his dad being obsessive over the cost of things is great. He tells his son to shut off the clock because you don’t need to tell time while you are sleeping. A classic Chris Rock stand up moment.

The clip I saw had me laughing almost non-stop. The way Chris’ mom threatens to kick his ass is hilarious. The manipulative little sister and the younger brother who out shines oldest brother, Chris is certainly going to be fodder for some interesting storylines.

I am really looking forward to the premier of this show. If it’s as funny as Chris Rock’s comedy, it will probably be one of the few good shows on television. Plus, I think the whole 80’s feel of the show is really well done. It’s authentic and will appeal to those of us who grew up in that decade. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the stale world of reality television.

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