>Cruise Buys Sonogram Machine for Katie – Yahoo! News

>Tom Cruise = control freak

Scratch that, he’s just freaky. Who in their right mind would want their own sonogram machine? How often are they going to use it that they went, “You know it might just be cheaper to buy our own.”

Maybe they are trying to fry a turkey in it. The possibilities are endless!

3 thoughts on “>Cruise Buys Sonogram Machine for Katie – Yahoo! News

  1. Nick

    >Your first mistake is assuming that anyone in Hollywood is in their “right” mind. But that notwithstanding, why WOULDN’T he buy one? It’s not like he can’t afford to buy 50? It’s just a continuation of this overly-interested thing he started and can’t (or doesn’t want to) stop now. In some strange way, I like it.

  2. Michael

    >There was a story the other day that he bought her a $20 million jet as a wedding present! I wonder if John Travolta will be her personal pilot?


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