>And I thought the people in my office were crazy…

>It’s one thing to give out Hooter’s gift certificates, it’s another to have to go through this:

Orlando quit in 2004, less than a year after she was hired, saying she was humiliated during the company’s camaraderie-building exercises.

Sales teams were encouraged to compete, and the losers were made fun of, forced to eat baby food, required to wear diapers and spanked with a rival company’s yard signs, according to court documents.

Who in their right mind would think this kind of hazing is acceptable? Don’t fraternities get in trouble for doing stupid crap like that? I guess there are some idiots who actually need to take the sensitivity training. They should call it common sense training.

I love this blurb from the Bee:

Mark Keppler, a California State University, Fresno, professor of human resource management, testified that the atmosphere at the Alarm One meetings was like that of a strip club.

The difference is that strip clubs would not allow physical attacks on its employees, he said.

You know you have a shitty job, when strippers have a less hostile work environment.

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