Random Thoughts on the Emmy Awards

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TV has reached a new level of stupidity & this makes me sad.

The people E! Has interviewing celebrities have a collective IQ of 5. They ask and say the stupidest things. “Manicures are hot this year.” What? As opposed to last year when women would forgo the emery board for snaggle-nails?

I noticed that no one asked Mayim Bialik or Melissa McCarthy to put their hands/feet in the stiletto/manicure cam. I can’t even remember if they asked what designer they were wearing. Smart women like fashion too dammit.

The ABC red carpet coverage is a little better. I didn’t notice any stupid questions.

Finally the opening… Um.  No.  The bit where the chick is naked in the bathroom stall eating cake? Disturbing. Clearly I don’t get that show Girls & now ill never watch it.

My nephews interrupted the next 20 minutes because they are boys and under the age of 6.  Normally, they want to play outside, but when their mommy, aunt and grandma want to watch an awards show, they suddenly have to play with their laserguns in the damn house.

Eric Stonestreet’s character is the only reason to watch Modern Family.

If Julie Bowen’s character would be the crap out of her kids, then I’d like her character & the show better.  Could they be any brattier? Sheesh!  They are the reason I can’t watch the show sometimes.  Red Foreman needs to come in and kick their asses.

Some more awards were given out, but Channel 10 went out for like 10 minutes, so I kind of got out of the groove.

Apparently John Cryer won an award and Molly Ringwald was nowhere in site.  That has to be the weirdest winner to date.  I didn’t know anyone still watched that show.  Of course, I didn’t know Desperate Housewives was still on the air last year either.

All I know is that Downton Abbey was nominated a few times and only one once. If you haven’t seen this show, you are missing the best thing on television. Seriously, it alone gives me hope for the future. If you don’t love, it you haven’t seen it. They may send out subliminal message that hypnotize you into thinking it’s a great show…or maybe it’s just a great show. I love Mr. Bates. Sorry.

In Memoriam. I am always shocked by who passed away. It’s not that I didn’t know these people passed away. I just forgot that it happened in the last year. But, Steve Jobs? Was he in the Academy? Or is someone looking for a free iPhone 5? Weird.

The problem with awards shows is that the most predictable shows, not necessarily the best shows and actors, win. Don’t get me wrong. I love Julia Louis Dreyfus, but I’m kind of tired of her winning. I guess I should just be happy Tina Fey didn’t win. I’m probably the only person in the US who doesn’t like her. Some of the stuff she write is funny, but for some reason, I find her off putting. And don’t get me started on Thirty Rock.

Speaking of unfunny, Jimmy Kimmel. Whose brilliant idea was it to let him host? He’s almost as boring as Jay Leno.

Pretty sure half these miniseries were never shown on TV. Some of them looked good, except Great Expectations. I hated that book in junior high and I hate that book now. Never will I watch it on TV.

Dammit this show is always too long.

Homeland won a bunch of awards.  I probably should start watching this since I am fascinated by Damian Lewis. I loved him in that show Life that no one watched except me.

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