>A Night at the Emmys?

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>I’d like to tell you I watched the Emmy Awards, but since I was at my sister’s house that was nigh impossible.  Of course, I saw bits and pieces, but between the 3 year old’s meltdowns, my Dad’s random bursts of conversation and my brother-in-law’s sudden need to shellac the wine closet next to the couch, it was difficult to concentrate. 

Granted missing most of the red carpet event was my fault.  I was catching up with my sister in the few precious moments she had without a child demanding her attention. I did notice that the one shoulder strap dress and big earrings look was quite popular this year, but I loved Claire Danes’ strapless dress the best.  It was pink, chic, sparkly and her hair was gorgeous. As strange as it was at first glance, I enjoyed the lovely matador/ancient Egyptian look Anna Paquin had going on, but the platform patent leather shoes almost ruined it. 

I have to say that there is only so much Jimmy Fallon I can take, so the multitude of distractions might have been a blessing in disguise.  We get it.  You like to sing, now try to be a little funny.  OK, I did appreciate the Boyz II Men outfit.  It confused my Mom.  “Why is he pouring out that drink?”

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