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I enjoy just about any reason to have a party, but bridal showers, baby showers and bachelorette parties are some of the worst parties ever.  Weddings are OK, but not my favorite either.  Too much pomp and circumstance. Throwing the bouquet & garter belt to single out the singles is annoying as hell.  Just cut the damn cake and give me a piece, don’t make a big show of it. Let’s just eat, drink, dance and have a general good time.

Bridal showers are usually lame.  Oohing and aahing over monogrammed bath towels and cookbooks for couples makes me want to puke. Baby showers are just painful. Really, I don’t need to hear how long you were in labor. Pretty much everything about giving birth is just awful from what I’ve heard and seen, thanks.  Did I mention that the games at both showers make me want to gouge out my eyes?

Honestly, I’ve never been to an actual bachelorette party and there’s a good reason.  My friends are too interesting and creative to have those sort of lame parties.   Plus, if I wanted to act like a fool, I can do that without the guise of a party.  Seriously, who needs a feather boa and a penis shaped lollipop to make out with 3 different guys in one night?  The right amount of alcohol & a blow to the self-esteem should do the trick at any given bar or club.

Plus, I have a problem with the general concept of a bachelorette party.  A last hurrah is really lame.  Is a marriage like a prison sentence?  Maybe it was 40 years ago.  Are you never going to be able to hang out with your friends without your husband?  You should be celebrating the fact that you don’t have to deal with the goddamn dating scene anymore not lamenting the fact that a portion of your life is over.

3 thoughts on “>There…I Said It!

  1. undercover caterer

    >I'm with you–I DESPISE showers of all kinds. Under the guise of a "party", I get to eat crappy food and get solicited to purchase things from a list of pre-picked out presents. Thanks but no. God, I sound like a crabby old lady.

  2. Evil

    >Showers, both bridal and baby, are really just horrible. When I am someday pregnant, I am going to try to get baby showers consolidated to one event (knowing that avoiding the spectacle entirely is out of the question. sigh)…I'll take the "rip off the band-aid" approach.

    I've also never known a single person to have a bachelorette party. They sound dumb and I'm glad to have never been to one.

  3. Miss M

    >What? You're nuts. Bachelorette parties are ridiculously fun! Whenever you get engaged, I will force you to have one and you will like it! No penis headband required.


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