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>After being inundated with promos for this show, I wasn’t going to watch it. But I enjoy Jason Lee (ever since he was a pro skater), I read a positive review, and nothing better was on.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. If you missed the first episode, the show is basically about a white trash loser guy who decides to turn over a new leaf. He gets hit by a car at the same time he wins $100,00 on a scratcher, resulting in the loss of said scratcher. While Earl is doped up on morphine, he’s watching Carson Daly who shows him the light by talking about Karma.

Earl then decides to set things right. He creates a list of over 100 things he did and sets out on his quest.

The casting seems pretty good. The chick who plays Earl’s wife was in Joe Dirt and has a great handle on white trashiness.

The best line: “Never underestimate 15 beers, a little enlightenment, and the power of Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock.”

1 thought on “>My Name is Earl

  1. Michael

    >I thought it was a decent show. No gutbusting laughs or anything, but funny and worth watching again. Just wonder though how long they can keep the premise going?


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