>Dancing w/the Stars – Redux

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>Why am I watching this? The same reason I watched it the first time…there’s nothing better on.

1st up – Kelly from some soap opera. I’m no dance pro, but I saw her mess up on a turn and it seemed to me she didn’t have many cha cha cha moves in her cha cha dance.

I’m just watching this until My Name is Earl comes on. I really enjoy Jason Lee. Although his mustache is a bit off putting. Hopefully, his comedy will make me forget about the creepiness of his appearance.

Back from commercial and they show the judges score. So lame, two 9s and a 7. These guys are no Simon Cowell. Bring on the brutal honesty. Although, I have seen times where Simon isn’t as blunt as he should be.

Right on, Peterman is up. I really hope he gets more work out of this stint because he is funny. Cripes, the chick’s hair got caught in the buttons of his tux. Predictably, the weird foreign guy didn’t like the way they danced.

“The Rhumba is the dance of love. Look at me like you’re in love with me.” Seriously people, watch Strictly Ballroom. Good flick.

All right enough dancing. We all know Peterman was the better dancer.

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