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>While my overall quality of life has been better since moving to Sacramento, there are a few things about this town that annoy me:

  1. Bike Riders – I’d say about 0.05% of these people actually know and obey the laws of the road. The rest of them either think they are on a never-ending racetrack or they are out for a “Sunday drive” and are clueless that they have rules to follow. You are on a vehicle! You must yield, stop and most importantly, signal just like a car. I can’t WAIT for the fall/winter when riding a bicycle goes out of fashion.
  2. Grocery Stores – This really only applies to East Sacramento. There is a dearth of decent grocery stores in this area. Corti Brothers and Trader Joe’s are fine for a few specialty items, but for day to day living, SaveMart doesn’t cut it. It’s just a step above Food 4 Less. If gas wasn’t always threatening to skyrocket into the $4 range again, I’d haul my ass out to the closest Bel Air or Raleys I could find.
  3. Parking – While it is plentiful in my neighborhood, my some of neighbors are clueless about it. You don’t own the street in front of your house, so get over yourself. Who cares if a car parks in front of your house for a day or two? Also, those shade hunters really need to understand that parking under the tree in 100+ temps is moot. Your car will be roasting no matter what.
  4. Drivers – I am shocked at the number of people who run red lights in this town. Yet, these same people take an inordinate amount of time to go when the light turns green. It’s like their brains have roasted to the point where the synapses no longer fire quickly enough. They can’t move from one pedal to the other in a decent amount of time.

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