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>In order to counter-act my negative energy, here’s a short list of why I enjoy living in Sacramento:

  1. Commute – My commute is short and can avoid any an all freeways if I would like. Even if I did live outside of Sacramento and had to brave one of the local highways, it wouldn’t take me hours to get home, nor I wouldn’t have to worry about some rusty old bridge to cross inhibiting my ability to get to work on time.
  2. Parking – Everywhere I go, I can find a place to park. There is no need to circle the block 10 times or arrive hours early to find a decent space. It’s simple and lovely.
  3. Lower housing prices – what I pay for in rent would get me some hovel of an apartment in the Bay Area. Here in Sacramento I live in an actual house with a yard and a garage. Two luxuries almost unheard of in much of the Bay Area at my price point.
  4. Scenery – From the foothills through the valley, this area really is beautiful even in the scorching summer heat. My favorite time is sunset, especially up in the foothills. I enjoy the silhouette of oak trees dotting the rolling hills against an orange-purple sky.

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