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>Why is Bel Air the only store that doesn’t have employees stocking shelves when they are open to the public?  Maybe Raley’s doesn’t allow it, but I haven’t been there recently.  Every store I go into lately has its aisles blocked by carts and pallets of inventory waiting to be put away.  The Target on 65th Street in East Sacramento IS THE WORST.  Note to store managers, it’s not conducive to my shopping experience when there are so many aisles blocked by employees roaming around supposedly putting stuff away while gossiping.  Why isn’t that done before 8:00 AM?

Seriously, I would be apt to spend more money than I planned if I could leisurely stroll around the store without having to dodge and weave through what looks like abandoned carts.  In fact, the reason I go so early in the morning is to avoid crowds and the inordinate amount of dodging necessary when normal people go shopping.

Savemart in East Sacramento and Safeway in East Sac and Natomas are all guilty of doing this too.  I know these types of stores have a ton of stock moving in and out on a daily basis, but can’t it be scheduled such that minimal interference occurs with the public?  I’m sure the employees would rather do their jobs in peace instead of having me give them the stink eye when I pass by because they are in my way and talking about the stupid way their girlfriends drive.

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