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>Mark Twain once said that many a small thing can be made large with the right kind of advertising. This still rings true today, but I think TV show creators or executives have taken it one step further.  Many a boring topic can be made interesting with the right kind of editing.  I have ranted about the lame shows currently available for our viewing pleasure. 

For the love of all that’s holy, there’s a show called Coal.  Coal!  How is mining for coal at all interesting?  Unless a cave in or blast happens, God forbid, I would think it’s pretty freaking dull. 

Name the most boring mundane topic and if there isn’t already a show about it, there will be soon.  Of course, I probably shouldn’t whine about lame shows.  One of my favorites is How It’s Made.  I’m sorry, but seeing how Tabasco was made was kind of interesting.  I didn’t know it fermented in whiskey barrels.  And here I thought I liked it because of the vinegar goodness.

I suppose I just long for the days when a game show was called a game show and not a reality show.  And putting a bunch of people in a house to see what happens isn’t a reality show either.  If it were, 90% of the time it would be boring.  “She’s surfing the web, again.” Thrilling.

Then again, maybe there is something to this editing phenomenon.  Maybe if I could learn how to edit my life, it would seem vastly more interesting to people when they ask me that old tired question, “What have you been up to?”  So glad you asked!  I’m now a thought leader in charge of brand marketing and lead generation.  Also known as, I surf the web looking for a date and write a humor blog.  No wait, I write rambling missives on the Internet and I spend my time spewing random stuff on Twitter because I think I’m funny and just letting those thoughts roam around in my head would probably drive me to drink. 

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