>Rainy Days Are Here

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>I really love my neighborhood, but living in East Sacramento can be challenging. 

The area is full of trees.  It’s great in the summer time when you are shaded from the sun as the mercury climbs above 100.  It’s beautiful in the fall as all the leaves explode with brilliant reds, oranges and yellows in what seems to be a manner of days. 

But when the rain starts…things get really messy.  All those leaves are piling up in the gutters waiting for the city’s over-scheduled “Loose in the Street” program to come by and scoop all the stuff up.  Plus when the winds start swirling, all kinds of debris litter the streets.  Most of it seems to be sticks and twigs which are no fun to drive through, especially if your car sits pretty close to the road. 

Occasionally, you’ll come across a random palm tree frond that’s blocking half the damn street.  Can someone explain to me the point of palm trees?  They provide no shade and don’t seem to have any fruit.

As the storm blows through northern California this week, I’ll do my best to wend my way through the streets of Sacramento, dodging all manner of tree debris and hopefully avoiding the small stream and urban flooding situations that pop up.  My Beetle doesn’t cross large puddles of water very well.

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