>I am not Patient Zero!

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>People who know me in real life for longer than 5 minutes, know that I almost never get the flu or a cold.   On the rare occasion that I do catch a virus, I try to stay the hell home and recover as quickly as possible.  Of course, this recent sickness occurred when I had to drag my dizzy self into the office to work on a huge project.  Not to mention a few social engagements I didn’t want to miss…but that’s another story.

Isn’t it funny how the people in the office who ALWAYS come in sick try to poke fun at me for being forced to act contrary to my beliefs? 

No, I didn’t get you sick.  This freaking virus is airborne!

My unscientific research shows it.  I wash my hands just shy of being OCD.  How did I get sick then?  I’m guessing it was when my 4 year old nephew sneezed in my general direction last weekend.  Then again, only 3 hours later my symptoms began.

Somehow I doubt the incubation period of the cold virus is that short…which now brings me to the conclusion that I caught this disease at work.

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