>What the hell is wrong with people?

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>As much as I greatly disliked George Bush when he was President (as well as his evil side-kick Dick Cheney), I’m pretty sure I never wished either of them were dead.  And I hope I never implied such.

It shocks me to see how many people whether consciously or subconsciously joke about our current President dying.

For example, I overheard one of my friends recently saying “Well, I don’t hope he dies, I just don’t want him to be President anymore.” And today I see her “liking” on Facebook a group that subtley condones just that thing.

Maybe you’ve seen it.  It mentions three famous people who died last year as being a favorite actor, actress & signer, and how God/the Lord took them.  Then it says they just wanted to let God know that Barak Obama is their favorite President.  The implication is that they want him to die.

The sheer stupidity of this gal’s action as well as a few other of my “friends” galls me.  I want to hope that they don’t realize the psychological implications, much like children, but it’s a stretch for me to accept it.

I can just hear them now, “You are being too sensitive to be annoyed by a silly group on Facebook.”  No. I am not.

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1 thought on “>What the hell is wrong with people?

  1. Dave2

    >I don't understand it either. I positively loathed the Bush Administration, and yet never once did it ever occur to me to wish him dead or hate on him. That people can say such things about their democratically-elected president speaks volumes about America and where we're headed as a country. So much for rallying behind your home team… no matter what your personal feelings for the quarterback.


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