>Is it a Woman Thing?

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>Once in a while, I will hear a woman say something like, “My husband is so great!  He cleaned the house and put the kids to bed.”  or “My wonderful husband vacuumed the living room and ironed the clean shirts.”

Is it 1955 or is your husband a guest in the house?  Perhaps your husband is “special” and needs to be praised like a child for mundane/requisite tasks for positive reinforcement?  No, I think it’s probably an outdated mentality that needs to be changed.

Seriously, do you ever hear a man say, “My wife is so awesome!  She changed the oil in the car and took out the trash.”  “My lovely wife cleaned the gutters and mowed the lawn today!”

I know I don’t think like a typical person.  And maybe it’s because I’ve lived on my own for most of adult life that it seems odd to be praising someone who lives in the house for doing chores.  Granted, when I have OUTSIDE help to repair/install something in my house, I thank the helper because they went out of their way to help me.  

Should I give myself a high five for putting the dishes in the dishwasher?    Good for me!  I made the bed today!

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