>Credit Cards are the Bane of Our Society

>Seriously, do you remember when people used to save their money in order to buy something big? Now people just buy whatever they want whenever they want it. Put it on the plastic! It’s free money!

I refuse to use credit cards anymore. They just encourage me towards bad spending habits. I’d rather sock away a couple of bucks from each pay check and pay cash for whatever big ticket item I need. It’s better than paying interest to a big eastern syndicate.

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5 thoughts on “>Credit Cards are the Bane of Our Society

  1. Nick

    >I charged up tens of thousands on credit cards in the eighties and nineties and never paid them back. So it really IS free money. Of course nowadays I’m forced to be like you and actually save and pay for stuff with real money but it was nice while it lasted. Just six more years or so and everything will drop off my credit and it’s PARTY TIME again!

  2. gigi

    >my credit is so shitty that i can’t even get a credit card. yes, i’m a little irresponsible.

    but if i did have one, you know my ass would be declaring bankruptcy in no time.


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