>What about your friends?

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>Tonight, I want to go see a band play. One bad thing about moving to a new area is that I have left most of my friends behind. I have a ton of family around here. My family is great, but I need social time with non-relatives. It’s almost as difficult to make friends as it is to find a date. Being a bit of a homebody makes meeting new people a little challenging. It also doesn’t help that most people annoy the crap out of me.

7 thoughts on “>What about your friends?

  1. christhestampede

    >I just had a female friend tell me that I destroyed her trust and that she couldn’t be friends with me anymore. Why? Because I said “I’m starting to become interested in you as more than friends, and I need to step back for a while so I can get get rid of those feelings.” Yeah… I don’t get it either…

  2. Psst, it's me!

    >Hey. Freedom Girl told me about your blog. And Freedom Girl has amazing taste so I had to come check you out! I completely understand the being in a new city thing. I’ve been where I am 5 years and finally feel like I’ve got the good job and awesome friends, then the husband got a job offer in Stockton and now I get to start it all over again. By the way, we are NOT going to live in Stockton. Scary! Anyway, keep that cocktail in your hand. It helps. =)

  3. christhestampede

    >If anyone cares, apparently she was crucially harsh because she figured if I was really a friend, I’d try to work past the argument (which I did, but only ’cause we work together.) But if I was just trying to get some, I’d decide she was a bitch and move on. … that’s messed up, but I guess it works. Things won’t be the same from here out, I can tell ya that much. Oh well; live and learn. Just thought I’d give you the end to the story.

  4. SFChick74

    >Thanks for the offer, indymtgpro. The show starts in like 10 minutes.

    Stockton! Ok, that is worse. Thanks for checking out my writing.


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