>Random thoughts on online dating: The message version

>Does this happen to anyone else?  You get a wink from a person who hasn’t even viewed your profile.  I have two theories about this type of contact. 1) It’s from a spammer.  This theory is supported by the evidence that said winker is also WAY outside my dating radius.  I’m talking 350 miles away.  2) It’s from an idiot. The winker looked at one of my photos and possibly 2 lines of text and decided to initiate contact.  While there is no way my entire personality can be summed up in an online dating profile, it would be nice if my potential dates took the time to read the text I bothered to write for them as a means of introducing myself.

I also laugh at the people who get annoyed by someone who just winks at them.  While the non-looker wink annoys me, a look and a wink is OK by me.  Yes, it would be nice to have an email, but if a guy looks at my profile and sends me a wink, I will not get annoyed.  I will be flattered. That doesn’t mean I’ll instantly reply.  Many factors go into whether or not I’ll reply, but I have to have some quick cut offs otherwise I would be wasting more time than I already am.

What doesn’t work and should have been learned by watching Swingers is a multiple message flurry.  Seriously, this guy sent me a message early in the morning (a little suspect), then proceeded to send me two more messages before noon and I hadn’t even responded to the first one!  Dude!  Did we just have a relationship in which I didn’t even participate?

Did I mention he only had one photo on his profile?  Always a danger sign.  Anyone in this day and age who doesn’t have at least 3 photos on their profile has something going on.  I would say he was lazy, but clearly after three messages in a four hour span of time, I don’t think that applies.  I think the psycho label applies here.

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