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Sorry to anyone born today. How much crap do you get for a February 29th birthday? Also, you never actually get a 21st birthday. That sucks. Sure you technically turn 21, but your 21st birthday doesn’t exist on the calendar.

I’m beginning to think Leap Day babies might have magical powers. They can alter time! They don’t adhere to the same rules!

One cool thing, whenever it’s your birthday, it’s also the Summer Olympics and Presidential Election year. OK, the election is kind of annoying, but the Olympics are usually fun.

I wonder though if having a Leap Day birthday is worse than having a birthday on Christmas. I mean a Christmas birthday kind of gets the shaft every year. Leap Day babies can have a birthday every four years.

Do we really need a February 29th? OK, I know some long ago mathematician calculated the exact number of days needed in the right sequence to make our year be what it is…or did they? Why every once in a while do we have a leap second in our year? Anyone remember those? I think the last one happened about four years ago. Wait. We already had a leap day that year! Why an extra second too?

Plus, I guess getting everyone on a whole different calendar would not be easy. I mean we still have Daylight Savings Time for no logical reason, why would we be able to alter a calendar to avoid Leap Days? Pope Gregory probably made some deal with the devil so we wouldn’t change it. I KID! Please don’t smite me.

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