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>If you haven’t seen Office Space…what the hell is wrong with you?  You should probably know that Peter Gibbons is my spirit guide.  Who amongst us can’t relate to his “dream of doing nothing”?  Doing nothing is one of the joys of adulthood.  I work my ass off all week long and you know what I want to do when I get home?  That’s right nothing.  To quote Peter Gibbons, “I would sit on my ass all day.  I would do nothing.”

Even as a child, I dreamt of doing nothing.  Summer vacations didn’t see me being shipped off to camp, playing in a league or taking some learning annex class.  My schedule revolved around what was on TV.  I lived for game shows and soap operas.  I looked forward to the sitcom reruns I missed while studying for geometry class.  I played Super Mario Brothers for hours on end.   I watched Jon Bon Jovi see a million faces and rock them all on MTV.

Now, I’m busy for 40 hours a week, sometimes 50, so when I’m not working why would I want to go hiking or run around the block?  Sure I’d like to go to dinner or see a movie, but not every single day.  That’s a lot of effort.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t actually sit on my ass from the moment I walk in the door to my house until I go to bed at night.  I do have chores like any sane adult that need tending to, but I do it on my own schedule.  Plus I write this blog for your entertainment and my ego, so that keeps me busy enough.

When I’m at home, I don’t have to abide by the “Man’s” hours.  If I don’t feel like emptying the dishwasher on a Wednesday night, I don’t. Luckily for me there’s no one around to bitch about it and if there was, I’d tell him to clean it up himself if it bothers him so much.  The world isn’t going to end simply because I want to watch American Idol and not engage in domestic engineering.  Well, maybe, but that’s a different story.

Weekends with no plans are a slice of Heaven.  If I so choose, I can sleep all day.  I can watch the Star Wars trilogy, twice and eat pizza.  Or I can clean the house, run some errands, or visit some old friends, things you would expect of a normal person, but isn’t necessarily exciting relay in small talk.

I’m here to tell the world that it’s OK to do nothing.  Embrace the nothing!  It’s like a vacation, but you get to stay home.  Whenever someone asks what I’ve been up to, I’m going to proudly say, “Nothing and it’s been great!”

3 thoughts on “>The joy of nothing

  1. Mina

    >I could not agree more with this post. I LOVE doing nothing and I'm a major homebody. In fact, tonight the hubs is going to be gone and I plan on parking my butt on the couch and watching some trashy tv and enjoying the hell out of it. I require evenings like these, I've always been a bit of a loner and I need the alone time to keep me centered and sane.

  2. Ms. Chick

    >It's funny because some people have to go on vacation to do nothing. I can do that in the comfort of my home. I'd rather see sights and do stuff if I'm on vacation.

    As social as I can be, I totally require some alone time like you to stay centered and sane. It's usually no longer than a day though.


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