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>Twitter finally got a clue and included Sacramento in it’s Trends.  Until this week, I had mine set to San Francisco and didn’t really pay much attention to it.  Now I am intrigued by the stuff Sacramento is supposedly talking about to each other and the world. 

The first day, I noticed that the trends seemed to be centered around the Kings, but then I noticed that Starbucks was trending.  Odd.  Yesterday, the Giants game was on, so a few of those trends centered around the game, which was nice because I’d forgotten it was on. 

Today, Barry Bonds is trending, which is expected since his guilty verdict just came down. But why is Wal-Mart trending? And who the hell is Derek Rose?  Come on, Sacramento.  We are way more interesting than that! 

Curious to see what was trending in other tertiary markets, I switched to Portland.  Kobe Bryant was trending, which was a bit disheartening, but so was Civil War, Foo Fighters and TSA.  For some reason Taco Bell was trending in Nashville and McDonalds was trending in Tallahassee. People in Cleveland, Harrisburg, and Houston were already tweeting about Friday, while San Diego was still stuck on Thurs.

Here are a few words and hashtags I’d like to see trending in Sacramento:

  • Sassafras – it’s just fun to say
  • Molasses – it’s yummy
  • #NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement – fiction is hilarious
  • Governor Moonbeam – flashbacks are cool
  • Shakespeare – something needs to undo the Wal-Mart tweets
  • #grammarrules – please learn these for the love of all that’s holy
  • River Cats – at least one team still loves us

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