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>The other day I was sitting in a waiting room…waiting…by myself.

Whenever I am in a public place with another person, I always make sure they have seating near me.  For example, when I’m in a waiting room, I look for two open seats next to each other (or as close as possible) when I am with one other person.

I saw a woman enter the waiting room alone.  I assume she surveyed the room for a seat, just like normal people do, and chose an empty seat near me.  Now, there were plenty of other spots for her to sit, but she chose to sit near me for reasons that still remain a mystery to this day.

Apparently, I was too engrossed in my book to give off the “Bitch, don’t sit next to me or I’ll cut you” vibe.

The only reason I noticed her beyond her sitting close to me when it was sort of unnecessary was because her companion walked into the room and stood next to her without a place to sit.

Now, why would you purposefully chose a lone seat when someone is with you?  Am I the only one who is courteous and just assume everyone else is?  Or was this lady just a weirdo?

It should also be noted that there were some newspapers & magazines strewn in the seat next to me.  I chose to sit there because I was alone and knew no one would be able to sit next to me unless it was the last seat available.  I mean why would you make someone move papers when there are plenty of other seats available?  Granted, they weren’t my papers, but strangers wouldn’t know that…

Whenever someone behaves outside of what I deem to be the norm, I feel like Dr. Sheldon Cooper.  Like I’m out of touch with societal nuances…like I didn’t get the memo on what is now acceptable human behavior and I am just sticking to the old fashioned manners that my parents taught me.

Then again, maybe that lady was just rude to her friend.

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