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>The Vermont Country Store?  I’ve been to one of the actual Vermont Country Stores, which not surprisingly are in Vermont.  It was chock full of kitschy goodness and maple sugar candy.  I think there is a law in Vermont that says all stores must carry maple sugar candy.

Anyway, the place was like a cliche old lady’s living room or maybe attic without the spiders.  My 2 year old nephew roamed the store looking at the pop guns and the ribbon candy.  I tried to figure out who would buy their shoes in such a place.

The other day I got the catalog in the mail and I was, well, appalled.

Some of the things in their catalog (and online) are not in their store.  Specifically, I’m talking about the “intimate solutions“. 

Remember when these were relegated to hushed conversations and strange catalogs you wouldn’t mention in mixed company? Don’t get me wrong.  If you need an intimate solution, by all means use it.  I just don’t want to be reminiscing about autumn in New England as a kid and suddenly be confronted with a purple “personal massager”.

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