Pokemon Go Twin Cities Tips: Version 2.0

Pokémon Go Twin CitiesStill playing Pokémon Go like me? Of course you are! Welcome to my second installment of Pokémon Go Twin Cities tips! If you are planning to visit the Twin Cities, this series will give you an idea of what to expect when visiting some of these spots around the Twin Cities metro area.

Feel free to check out the first installment here! You’ll find information on the Mall of America, Rice Park in Saint Paul, and State Fair Grounds in Saint Paul.

Pokémon Go Twin Cities: Minnesota Zoo

While I’m not a big fan of zoos, I do enjoy the Minnesota Zoo. It’s really well set up and when you go on a nice day, it’s a really great walk. Catching Pokémon is…eh. Now, when I went it wasn’t very  good. It was OK. I mean, I did catch a Dratini near the prairie dog burrow, but it wasn’t like Pokémon Go Twin Citiestons and tons of them.

The zoo has tons and tons Pokéstops though. Pretty much every zoo exhibit was a Pokéstop, which is good for bag filling.

By the way, near the food court, there is a gym. Sit near the windows to get good GPS connection otherwise it will be too wonky to properly fight.

Go early, so you can walk through most of the zoo before the crowds hit.  Go left when you get past the place to buy tickets and the you circle back to the food court, where you can stop for lunch and gym it up while you rest.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to stop and watch the snow monkeys. I could watch them for hours. They are hilarious!

Pokémon Go Twin Cities Tip: Historic Fort Snelling

This is the old fort near the MSP Airport. It’s not the state park. Look for the signs that say Historic Site on them.

Now, if you don’t actually go into the old fort, you don’t have to pay. Although, you get some pretty cool views from one of the towers inside it and there might be a Clefairy or two hanging out. Plus, you get a history lesson from the Pokémon Go Twin Citiesfolks who work there and wear old timey clothes.

There is also a gym in there, which probably doesn’t get inundated with action compared to say… the Mall of America.

This is a great place to hatch eggs. With tons of trails to wander around on and some great views of the river, it’s not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Historic Fort Snelling has a decent amount of Pokéstops. In fact, there are four of them near the chapel.  You might be tempted to drive over there and hang out in the parking lot of the chapel, but fair warning, I did notice a sheriff posted in his car there.

I had seen a few lures out a couple of months ago in that parking lot while stuck in traffic on Highway 5. My guess is that they were having too many people loiter in the area, so they have a sheriff there now to keep out the riffraff.

My husband and I walked over there to check it out on our way from the main parking lot to the fort and didn’t get hassled. We didn’t stay long though because we just got our goods from the stops and headed back towards the main part of the site.

There is another gym near the main parking area, so if you don’t feel like forking over the $12 to get in the fort, you can still have a decent Pokémon Go experience.

Pokémon Go Twin Cities Tip: University of Minnesota

Now, this place has some good Pokémon as well as a decent chunk of Pokéstops and gyms. And Pokémon Go Twin Citiessince the university is so spread out, you will definitely be moving the egg hatching along.

What kind of Pokémon did we catch? As you can see, a couple of Geodudes, a Sandshrew, a Magnemite, and an Electabuzz to name a few.

If you do go, be sure to check the sports schedules because it will impact your experience. No one wants to be stuck in traffic or crowds when they could be out catching Pokémon.

Miss the first installment of the Pokémon Go Twin Cities tips? You can read it right here!

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