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Random thoughts on a Pokemon Go Raid

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Pokemon Go Raid

A Pokemon Go raid is a feature to the mobile game that is supposed to enhance game play.  There is an aspect to this feature that I wish Niantic would remove: Private groups in Pokemon Go raids. I hate private groups. They are totally high school cliques. If you don’t know anyone, you feel like an idiot begging to join… Read more »

Pokemon Go Twin Cities Tips: Version 2.0

Pokémon Go Twin Cities

Still playing Pokémon Go like me? Of course you are! Welcome to my second installment of Pokémon Go Twin Cities tips! If you are planning to visit the Twin Cities, this series will give you an idea of what to expect when visiting some of these spots around the Twin Cities metro area. Feel free to check out the first… Read more »

Pokemon Go Twin Cities Tips

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Despite what some people in the media would have you believe, the Pokémon Go phenomenon is still going strong. If you’re like me, you’re a casual Pokémon Go player. You might play every day, but you probably haven’t gotten past level 20. I thought some people either visiting or casually playing might benefit from a few simple Pokémon Go Twin… Read more »