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>Has anyone ever played the oboe in a rock band? I can’t believe some prog rock band didn’t come up with that one.

Is it just me or does unplugged music suck?

Can you really be in a rock band if you don’t have a guitar player?

I admit that I am not a fan of Led Zeppelin. I can see their appeal, but I haven’t done enough drugs to truly enjoy their music…much like Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead.

Those shows on VH1 Classic about the top 100 “insert genre here” songs are banned from my house. They do nothing but anger me since I almost never agree with their placements.

Why doesn’t MTV change their name to better match their messed up programming? They abandoned music decades ago…same goes for you VH1.

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2 thoughts on “>Random Music Observations

  1. Nick

    >I was thinking the same thing the other night when the hype about the VMA's was going on… I was wondering why they still have VMA's when no one knows WHERE to even watch music videos anymore.


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