Random thoughts on Back to the Future II

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Back To The Future IIBack in 1989, the second installment of the Back to Future series mesmerized my 15 year old self. October 21, 2015 just looked AWESOME! Now, I watch it as a 41 year old in the actual year of Back to the Future II and I go, “Where is half that stuff?!?”

So, let’s look at what I wish we had:

My husband is obsessed with getting one of these. While the idea of it is pretty cool, I would probably break my ass if I even attempted to step on it. Still, where in the blue hell is it? We were promised Hoverboards.

Opening your door with your thumbprint.
I’m pretty sure this is possible, but for whatever reason it’s not widely available. Hell, I can unlock the tiny computer that doubles as a phone with my fingerprint. Why can’t I unlock my front door the same way? You would never lose a key because you wouldn’t need one! Of course, then corporations would probably have yet another way to track our movements, so maybe it’s better that this doesn’t exist.

Café 80s
Why has no one created this? I would love to have a $20 Pepsi while riding a stationary bicycle if a Max Headroom-esque character served it to me. That and it has to pop up out of the counter of its own accord.

Flying dog walkers
You probably didn’t notice this thing briefly walking through the Hilldale neighborhood. How cool would it be to have a flying robot walk your dog? Sure it will probably become self-aware and kill us all while we sleep, but it would still be cool for a few minutes. Drone dogwalkers! New band name, I called it.

On the other hand…there are some things I’m glad we don’t have:

Flying cars
Holy crap that would be one of the worst things ever. Have you seen how shitty drivers are? Can you imagine those idiots FLYING something? Disaster of the highest proportions.

Food re-hydrator
This is kinda lame. I want food to magically appear like in Star Trek not expand in size and get hot. Hmm. That sounded a little dirty. Moving on…

Dust proof paper
Why would we need this and how the hell would it even work? Weird.

Mr. Fusion
At first, this seems like a really cool invention. We could power our cars, our homes, our lives…with garbage! How great would that be? Then again, the whole nuclear fusion part would likely be a disaster if the average person had it in their homes. I mean come on. Can you imagine the level of radiation on the planet? It would be HUGE. Game over.

What do you wish we had from that movie? Or what are you glad we don’t have?

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