>Not even a Nigerian Prince

>While visiting my grandparents this afternoon, I witnessed someone attempt to scam them. Apparently, incredulity is genetic and my grandmother instantly saw through the ruse.

We were chatting about some bit of family history when the house phone rings and my grandmother answers it. She was in the other room, so I only heard bits and pieces of the conversation, but instantly I knew something was not right.

She came back laughing at the absurdity of what just happened to her, but I got angry. Basically the fool on the phone told her that he is a grandson and is in some trouble. When my grandmother asked which grandson, he said, “Guess.” Right there, a warning bell went off.

She played along. Is this Peter?

Yes, it’s Peter. Sorry I sound funny, but I have a cold. I’m in Belize and got arrested. I was out celebrating my friend David’s birthday and on our way back from having a steak dinner when the cops pulled us over for having a broken tail light. They found some marijuana when they searched the car. You know I don’t do drugs. It wasn’t mine! I need $4,500 to get out of jail and get back home.

She told the caller that she needed to discuss this with her husband and would call him back. The caller was reluctant, but eventually gave her some random 858 number. Probably a fake one.

I was so pissed. People praying on the fears of others really chaps my hide. Some unsuspecting person with a jet-setting grandson could fall victim to this jerk.

I really wish my grandmother had used a fake name when the caller asked her to guess which grandson was in jail and then just started rambling…  Is this Joe? How did you get to Central America so fast?  We just had brunch 3 hours ago! How old is David now? He must be closing in on 30.  When is he going to find a nice gal and settle down.  So sad that you kids stay single for so long these days.  You really should marry that Sarah.  She is just so lovely!  I can’t wait for your wedding forever you know…

My grandmother called the police and they told her that, unfortunately, they’ve heard that same scam too many times. There’s not really much they can do.

There’s something I can do…I can pass the warning along. Please tell your friends and family about this scam.

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