Happy Information Overload Day?

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Information-Overload-DayAs I was looking for new and interesting things to share on the Twitter, I was looking at the random holidays on this website and found Information Overload Day. It’s October 21st this year. and was created by the Information Overload Research Group whose mission is stated thusly, “IORG brings together research, solutions, and people to help reduce the impact of information overload.”

Anyone seeing the inherent irony yet? How about the webinar about information overload? Granted, for me there really can be no such thing as information overload. I can’t stop learning about new crap. It’s just who I am…more input!

Of course, it’s more about information flow. Too much information at once will blow out anyone’s circuitry. You have to control the flow.

OK, there are some things that I’d be better off not knowing like how it’s statistically more likely that you’ll die or get hurt in a car crash than a plane crash. Or how many germs are crawling all over us right now, ignorance is definitely bliss. I think they’ve researched it and it’s true. The less you know, the happier you are which is why we have booze and drugs. At least, that’s what I think. All I know is that I need to go wash my hands…

Back to my original point, I know multi-tasking is bad, but it keeps me from getting bored. How many of us watch TV and do something on the internet at the same time? Do you know I rarely just watch TV. There’s always a computer or some smart device within arm’s length. The other day, I just sat and watch the movie Monuments Men and it was lovely. OK, I admit to looking up one or two historical facts about which I had questions, but for the most part, I just sat there and watched.

I think that’s why I like going to the movies. I’m forced to just sit there and watch. Taking out my iPhone would be rude, so I just soak up the movie. Of course, I have the thing out before the show, but once the lights go down and the previews start, it goes away.

Maybe that’s how I should cut down on the information flow. Just sit and watch TV every night without a smart phone or tablet in my hand. It might be relaxing. Imagine that!

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